3.21.23 Kids Cooking Challenge Series & Farm Camp Registration Open, Plant Sale Save the Date

Updated Kids Cooking Challenge Series
The Kids Cooking Challenges have been such popular, fun and rewarding events.  This year we bring you the newly improved Kids Cooking Challenge series of events.  We will host four hands-on workshops throughout the year.  Each of the skill builder workshops will introduce kitchen safety, nutrition knowledge and a hands-on recipe demonstration and taste test.  Students will build their culinary skill set leading up to the Kids Cooking Challenge.  On October 12th we will kick off the Kids Cooking Challenge with a mystery ingredient handout.  Students can compete to earn the title of Kids Cooking Challenge Champ!

On April 22nd we will host the first skill builder workshop, Superfood Smoothies: Blending Basics.  See all of the details below.  Then follow the link to our website to sign up your young chef!
Perennial Partners
When we think of perennial plants we often think of plants that keep giving.  Plants with recurrent growth rather than annuals who give beautifully once.  Both types of plants are wonderful for the ways they serve our growing spaces.  We know planting perennials is an investment in the future of our landscapes and gardens.  

We have a group of supporters who, like our perennial plants, give to our programming with recurring donations.  Many of these Perennial Partners chose to give monthly as a way to budget their yearly giving. There are also those who chose to give quarterly or yearly.  All of these gifts strengthen our budget and give us a higher level of financial security.  

You are invited to consider becoming a Perennial Partner.  You can easily support the youth we serve by following this link, set the amount you would like to give, then choose the frequency of your gift.  You can set the donation to automatically charge to your credit card or debit from your bank account.  These settings can be changed anytime you chose.  
Farm Camp Registration is Open
Are you ready to dig, run, build, draw, garden, eat and discover? GROW La Crosse presents Summer on the Farm, where students will plant, tend, harvest fruits and vegetables and explore where our food comes from. Students will also learn how to identify species and understand the relationship between each part of the farm and the larger ecosystem. We will spend time each day being active outside including: hiking up the bluffs, building forts, splashing in the creek, and caring for the animals at the farm. In this session we will place an emphasis on science – animal behavior, hypothesis formation, data collection, species identification, building connections in the larger farm ecosystem, local signs and solutions to climate change and more.

Camp Details:
Ages: Registration is open for students entering grades 2 – 8
Dates: July 31st to August 3rd
Time: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Fee: $125
Registration Link
Intern Spotlight
We couldn’t do what we do without our interns! This spring semester we are welcoming Victoria to the GROW team. Learn more about her below.

Hometown: Maple Grove, Minnesota
School: University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Major: Exercise Science
Why GROW: Since I was little, I would always help my grandma with her garden during the spring and summer. Growing fresh fruits and vegetables is something I always loved to do and had an interest in.
Goals: One goal I have as an intern is to learn more about the process of planting. For example, what products we can put into the soil that will help plants grow and what can be harmful for the plants during the growing process.
Favorite fruit: Blueberries.
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