5.9.2022 FBI Agents of Compost • Spring Plant Sale • Small Space Gardening Series

FBI Agents of Compost 
Fungus • Bacteria • Invertebrates

Students are exploring the garden soil and learning about the FBI agents of compost. We are having so much fun getting our hands dirty during this lesson.  We’ve learned healthy soil needs to have decomposers to break down organic mater and create nutrients for the plants we grow.  Students have been getting up close to these critical helpers to learn more about the science of good soil and healthy gardens.  
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August Farm Camp Registration is Open
Are you ready to dig, run, build, draw, garden, eat and discover? GROW La Crosse presents Summer on the Farm, where students will plant, tend, and harvest fruits and vegetables and explore where our food comes from. Students will also learn how to identify species and understand the relationship between each part of the farm and the larger ecosystem. We will spend time each day being active outside including: hiking up the bluffs, building forts, splashing in the creek, and caring for the animals at the farm.

Summer on the Farm – Art Exploration
August 1st – 4th, entering grades 2nd – 8th

Summer on the Farm – Budding Scientist
August 8th – 11th, entering grades 2nd – 8th

Follow this link to register today!

Small Space Gardening Special

Tune into Daybreak on WXOW this week for a multi-part series on how to garden in small spaces.  This special news story features our own, Mrs. Amy.  If you’ve ever thought about how you can grow your own produce without a lot of space, this is for you!
Follow this link to watch the special.