6.17.24 National Pollinator Week • Garden Yoga & Volunteering

National Pollinator Week

This year, National Pollinator Week is from June 17-23. This annual celebration allows us to raise awareness for our pollinator plants and animals. In Wisconsin, some of our native pollinator plants include milkweed, bee-balm, culver’s root, wild geranium, aster, and goldenrod; additionally, some of our native animal pollinators include bees, butterflies, and moths.

One of the main dangers currently facing our native pollinators is a loss of habitats due to native plants being replaced by roadways, non-native gardens, and manicured lawns. This loss of habitat results in a loss of necessary food and nesting sites for pollinators.

Through our Pollinator Project, GROW is working to incorporate more native pollinator plants into our garden as a way to create healthy habitats for our native pollinators; moreover, we are using our garden lessons and workshops to engage the community in learning about our native pollinators and how to create pollinator habitats. If you are interested in learning more about our Pollinator Project, please go to:

Garden Yoga & Pollinator Workshops

There are so many different ways you can get involved in school gardens.  Did you know we are partnering with Palm & Pine Yoga this summer?  You can sign up through their website to join a Saturday morning garden yoga class at the Spence Elementary School garden.  Once the yoga is done participants stay and spend time together helping to maintain the garden.  

We are also hosting Pollinator Workshops this summer. These community events offer an opportunity to learn more about native pollinator plants while helping to establish or enhance the pollinator patches at each of the school gardens.  Follow us on social media or check out our website for more details. 

Find the sign up links for all of the school garden volunteer opportunities on our website.

Make a positive impact – support garden-based learning!