8.25.20 Welcome North Woods International School

Welcome North Woods International School
Welcome North Woods International School to GROW! We are very excited to expand our programs to the students at North Woods this fall. Thanks to the help and support of the North Woods TEAM we will start building our newest garden before the end of the month. When students are able to get back to school this outdoor learning space will provide a valuable place for children to learn in safe way. 

A new garden build requires the coordination of many resources. Can you help provide any of the following supplies to the build? Contact if you can support this build with any of these items.
Scouts Install Garden Mailboxes  
Thanks to Heber Faucheux, an Eagle Scout candidate along with his work crew of other scouts and several parents a new feature was added to the Hamilton Edible Schoolyard. The project was to help create and install the mailboxes to be used for self-guided educational activities, garden “treasure boxes” and informational pamphlets about GROW and the Edible Schoolyard. We think it turned out fantastic!
GROW, Hillview Merger Finalized
We have been diligently working to finalize the merger details for many months.  We are glad to announce the final details of the merger have been worked out and we are now officially one organization, GROW. 

Staring at the beginning of the year and throughout the spring and summer we have been excited to plan for what the future will look like incorporating previously Hillview events and assets into the GROW experience.  The Washburn Hoop House has had a tremendous volunteer presence, which is clear by the abundance of the space.  The “Virtual Bountiful Garden Tour” was a successful event highlighting local gardens as well as raising funds for fall programing. Our reach and programming opportunities will increase as we move forward connecting our community to healthy food and nature through the high quality experiences that we are known for.