9.21.2022 Fall Lessons Year 10 • Welcome New Schools

Fall Lessons – Year 10
Exploring our gardens from the bottom up!

Fall garden lessons have kicked off at the ten schools working with GROW to provide garden education to their students this school year.  In our ten years of building up hands-on seed to table education in the region we have seen more and more value realized in these programs. As we enter our 10th fall growing season we are excited to be working with 10 area schools to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of the children in our community.Lessons this fall continue the theme “Exploring our gardens from the bottom up!”  We will be focusing on plant identification, learning the use of different vegetables, and caring for our gardens to achieve great harvests.  Taste testing garden vegetables will also be on the menu!
Welcome Summit Environmental School & Spence Elementary
 Both Summit Environmental and Spence Elementary have joined the growing number of schools in the area offering GROW garden education to their students. We are excited to be partnering with these and all of the schools who see the value and sustainability in our work to connect youth to healthy food and nature to nourish growing minds and bodies. 

Garden educator, Shelly Staehly will be providing lessons at Summit elementary as well as at Hamilton and SOTA I.  This will be Shelly’s third lesson season with GROW.  Our newest staff member, but well known as our summer preceptee, Cameryn Koch will be teaching lessons at Spence Elementary school.  

We are grateful to be able to welcome the Spence and Summit school communities as well as to welcome Cameryn to our staff.  It is going to be wonderful to GROW together!
Renew The Block
We were happy to be a part of the ReNew the Block Ribbon Cutting and Sustainability Workshops at Lincoln Middle School.  We discussed the magic of native plants and the power of their co-evolutionary relationships and examined how landscapes can build be utilized to build community!

This project is sponsored by La Crosse Area Habitat, Coulee Region Ecoscapes, GROW and NewGround. Learn more about this project at
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When you shop at the People’s Food Co-op this month know that GROW is the recipient of the “Give Where You Live” funds at the La Crosse store for September.

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