About Us

GROW La Crosse is a non-profit organization formed by enthusiastic parents and community members who connect children to health food and nature through school gardens and farm experiences.

We currently maintain over 800 square feet of school gardens in the La Crosse school district and host farm experiences for hundreds of children.  We also raise the funds required to sustain these programs through sponsorships, holding fundraisers, and writing grants.

Download a pdf copy of the brochure here.

Board Members

Katie B

President - Katie Berkedal

Katie Berkedal is a vital part of the organization.  She brings helpful grant writing skills and fundraising skills.  Katie has a BFA in Social Advocacy and Communication from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash.   She loves to garden at home with her two small children.

Vice President - Jenny Klein

My interest in GROW stems from my roles as an educator and mother.  There is a large body of evidence suggesting that kids learn most effectively when immersed in rich environments that stimulate their natural curiosity and encourage learning through play and experimentation.  Unfortunately, these environments are scarce in traditional school curricula. With over a decade of experience designing active learning environments and an interest in biology, nature and gardening, I am able to contribute to building these environments in our elementary schools through GROW.


Treasurer - Thippi Fleckenstein

Thippi Fleckenstein is a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador and founder of Noodleonthat Food Revolution which promotes food education and aims to inspire others to learn basic cooking and gardening skills.  Her enthusiasm & love of locally grown food brought her to her current job as an Outreach/Events Coordinator for small local farms, schools, and non profit organizations providing family/communities opportunities for hands on activities in growing and cooking their own food.  She teaches cooking lessons at the People’s Food Co-op as well as private and group cooking lessons.



Abigail Stockham

Originally from Iowa, Dr. Stockham grew up out in the country where she developed her appreciation for nature.  While her family members have developed their passion for growing and preparing fresh food on the coasts, she has spent the last several years in major cities – Houston, Cleveland, and Boston – completing her medical training. Dr. Stockham is a radiation oncologist at the Mayo Clinic, working at Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in La Crosse.

Heidi Worminhouse

Heidi grew up on a small dairy farm in SE WI.  She grew up observing and caring for nature.  She has a bachelor’s degree from Ripon College in Psychobiology (Animal Behavior) and a minor in Environmental Biology.  Her main interests are all rooted in the study of nature: herbal wisdom, applied eco-psychology, biomimicry, primitive skills, permaculture, and seeing how all things are interconnected.  She enjoys networking and being in nature.

Judson Steinbeck