Fall Festival Ticket Winners

We’ve been at open houses, farmer’s markets and events raffling off tickets to the Fall Festival.

Congratulations to: tickets

Connie Troyanek

Sky Williams

Mike Rudie

Jessica Rowe

Diane Wilson

Amanda Manock  

You are ticket winners.

Early Bird Prices End Soon

Get a deal by buying tickets before midnight Thursday, September 15th.


Math in the Garden


The Wisconsin Garden Network through Community Ground Works did an article on how to incorporate math in the garden.  Grow La Crosse was featured and they explained ways how we’ve used math in the garden.

Ideas include:

  • Calculate area, perimeter and volume of raised garden beds
  • Measure the growth of plants over time, and under different weather conditions
  • Estimate the number of seeds on a sunflower head, or inside a tomato
  • Use trigonometry to calculate the height of a tree
  • Observe mathematical patterns in nature, such as the famed Fibonacci sequence
  • Calculate day length and the angle of the sun based on the time of year
  • Measure proportions for garden-based recipes such as salsa and salad dressing
  • Calculate seed germination rates
  • Graph the results of garden taste tests, or any other data collected from the garden
  • Math scavenger hunts – find specific shapes, or vegetables with a certain area or circumference
  • Garden design that purposefully integrates mathematical elements, such as stepping stones that look like fractions, numbers painted on rocks and raised beds in different geometrical shapes

Get ideas and see the “Success Story” on Grow La Crosse here.