Growing Generosity Recap

The Grow Team would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser, Growing Generosity. We would also like to thank everyone for their constant support of Grow and our mission. Nothing would be possible without this support. Seeing so many people share our dream is inspiring.

With the live auction, raffles, drink proceeds and sponsorships, we were able to raise $15,000.

This will help fund:

  • 1,550 Garden Education Visits
  • 50 children to attend farm camp next summer for free
  • 3 free farm days for the community
  • A start to our pilot program, an edible schoolyard at Hamilton/SOTA 1 Elementary School
  • An AmeriCorps member to provide sample lessons and garden consultations at new gardens

Empowered Girls

Thank you to the for making this Empowered Girls camp possible.

Deep Roots Community Farm and Grow held “Girls Empowered” farm camp last week. This camp aims to empower girls in science and show them that they are intelligent and capable of STEM subjects. The camp covered different areas of science and the girls all developed and conducted their own hypotheses and experiments! The students were very enthusiastic about the experiments they came up with, and were eager to record different observations of the animals. Most of the experiments focused on using different feeding methods and noting if animals would avoid certain foods. One group colored corn red, green, and blue to feed to the chickens and predicted they would avoid red because it signified danger, and green and blue which could mean the corn was moldy. They tested their experiment twice and turned out to be right!

La Crosse’s News 19 came out to the farm to cover the camp. Check out that video here.

Attention farm camp attendees

Lost and found items can be picked up today and tomorrow from 9-2pm at Deep Roots Community Farm.

Farmer for a Day

As mentioned above, family farm days are free for the rest of the summer thanks to funding from Growing Generosity.

Ever dream of being a farmer? Join Grow La Crosse program staff to pretend you are exactly that for an afternoon.  We will plant, tend, and harvest in the gardens, meet and care for the horses, chickens, and pigs. Learn about how a farmer cares for a rotationally-grazed herd of grass-fed beef, and more.  We’ll poke around in the woods for any wild edibles, and end the day by wading in the creek. In other words, here is a shortened version of farm camp for the whole family.

Price per person – FREE

WHEN: Sunday, September 23

TIME: 2 – 4pm

WHERE: Deep Roots Community Farm