Gundersen Childcare Center


Our theme for 2018 has been "Growing Curious Minds."  Children at Gundersen Child Care Center, ages 2-school age, were prime examples of what it means to come to the garden with curiosity and wonder!  Children engaged their sense of wonder as they planted seeds, watched seedlings grow, investigated creatures living in the garden, chased milkweed seeds and tasted a "rainbow" of colors from the garden.  It is always amazing to see what comes out of experiences in the garden. One of the older children, who is known as a "picky eater," tried cabbage and kale for the first time and liked both. Even the littlest of them all, the two-year olds, were the most adventurous as 100% of them were willing to try something new from the garden during the "Eating a Rainbow" lesson.  Their enthusiasm was evident in their remarks:  "This is yummy!"  "This is crunchy!"  "Yeah, crunchy!"

What a successful first season of the new garden in both growth and learning.  Thank you to staff, teachers, children and parents who were an integral part in helping to support and maintain the garden.
GCC Intern