Join the Circle

As the snow is falling, we’re planning for next year.  We plan to continue our programs from this year while adding a few more.  We invite you to join our Circle of Giving and help connect children to healthy food and nature through our programs.

NEW!  Add a tomato to our plants!  At each of our schools there are tomatoes plants canvases with tomatoes representing families and individuals who have donated to Grow La Crosse this December.

Join our Circle of Giving  by donating online or mailing in a check.   Directions are on our donate page:

For all donors who donate $250 or more, you will be invited to our Donor Appreciation Party on Saturday, February 18th, 2017. We will be sampling recipes that we do at the schools with children.

Compost Project

At State Road Elementary, we piloted a compost project.  Composting allows food waste to become nutritious soil and not take up space in landfills.  In some places, composting is mandatory due to the landfills reaching capacity.  Even though it is not mandatory where we live, we would like to see it become more common practice.

At the beginning of this fall, only 26% of students reported that they knew how to compost.  By the end of a 10 week program, 83% of students said they knew how to compost.  We appreciate the students for helping us take food waste and turn it into soil for next year.

Thank you to Jimy Chun, our graduate preceptor this semester, for piloting the project.

Thank You Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who volunteered this year with Grow La Crosse.  We really appreciate your help in enhancing our programs.

Here are the names of some of our volunteers that went above and beyond.


Jimy Chun
Marcia Marshall
Kristy Van Schyndel
Karen Amann
Sara Gilbert
Christina Hilyard
Jeremy Burt
Jared Barkeim
Laura Berry
Sam Stipan
Olson Family
Sobolik Family
Beth Moore
Deborah Nerud


Jacqui Marcou
Sherry Beames


Christina Prust
Kimberly MacGregor
Vaishnavi Paripally