Kids Cooking Challenge Entries

Thank you to all of our young chefs and the grown-ups who helped them explore cooking with fresh ingredients. 

It was not easy choosing just four contestants to win the
6th GROW Kids Cooking Challenge. 

The four prize winners are:

Advanced 12 and under:
Chef Rebekah, Grilled Duck with Cranberries, Roasted Veggies, and Apple Matchstick, Walnut & Goat Cheese Salad

Advanced 12 and under:
Dynamic Duo, Shrimp & Veggie Risotto

Beginner 12 and under:
Allie DeGier, Tex-Mex Zucchini Boats with Brown Rice Carrot Medley

Beginner 12 and under:
Chef Roy, Festive Fried Rice

Congratulations to our winners and all of the young chefs who took on this challenge with amazing results!

Adv Winner Rebekah FINAL
ADV Winners Duo FINAL
Rebekah's Recipe Card
Dynamic Duo’s Recipe Card
12 under Winner 1- Allie FINAL
Allie DeGier Recipe Card
Roy Beg 12 and under Winner FINAL
Roy Bouska Winner Recipe Card


A note from the judges:

Judging the Kids Cooking Challenge event was such a pleasure to be a part of. Everyone did such an amazing job and had such fun creative ideas! It was a team effort in choosing the winners. I would not have been able to pick a winner alone.

The Viterbo Dietetics Developmental Nutrition Class assisted in the judging process and had a hard time coming to a decision in both the advanced and beginner categories. When visiting their classroom for judging the pictures made all of them hungry and they almost couldn’t pick a winner because they were drooling over how good they looked.

Everyone had so much fun judging and being part of the process. Thank you to GROW for including us!


Aubri Sanders Dietetics Intern on Behalf of Viterbo Dietetics Developmental Nutrition Class



Syd and Uriah FINAL

Cooking with these odd ingredients was fun, especially trying to think of what to cook with all of them. I had shared it with one of my friends and my aunt and uncle, we all enjoyed it. - Chef Uriah


Always fun to cook, try and taste new recipes that I can make on my own. - Syd

_Emmett, Mayhem at Mayhew FINAL

This was my best dish yet! - Cooking with Emmett


What a great way to spend an afternoon, in the kitchen, with you kid, being creative. A dash of joy was sprinkled on top of all our dishes. - Mayhem at the Mayhews

Bistro Murphy and Paul FINAL

We had such a great time exploring the ingredients and coming up with a plan to use them in more than one way. We love spending time together in the kitchen and tasting new ingredients! - Bestro Murphy

Even if I don't win, we still got a delicious meal. - Chef Paul

Brynn and Rebekah FINAL (1)

This was my first Kids Cooking Challenge. I enjoyed cutting the vegetables and roasting the garlic. It was my first time ever preparing and eating wild rice and rainbow carrots. - Chef Brynn


It was fun! I enjoyed the challenge of having to be creative using mystery ingredients! - Chef Rebekah

Chef Charlotte and Roy-FINAL

It was really fun! I learned about handling raw meat safely because there is a lot of bacteria. - Chef Charlotte


It was fun and my recipe tasted really good! - Chef Roy

Chicken Dinos and Duo FINAL

It was fun! I liked cooking. - Chicken Dinosaurs


My Kids had a fun time trying to figure out how to use these more advanced ingredients in a tasty and unique way. They enjoyed working as a team and loved being able to use knives (with guidance) for chopping. - Dynamic Duo

Chvala and Madalynn-FINAL

Alex was so incredibly excited to peel, chop, and cook. This was really fun. 10/10 would do again. - Team Chvala


It was fun but hard to use all the items in the mystery bag. I wasn’t sure what to do with the cheese. I was happy that I made dinner for my family. Everyone really liked it. - Chef Madalynn

Elaina and Grace FINAL (2)

I have always wanted to join a cooking or baking challenge like the ones I have watched on tv. When my mom asked me if I wanted to try this one, I was so excited and instantly said YES! It was such a fun experience. I especially loved chopping the veggies (safely) by myself! - Chef Grace


I felt like I was on one of the kids baking championships that I watch with my family on tv! It was so fun. I was even brave enough to taste bell peppers and zucchini because I cooked it myself. They were actually really good! My favorite part was chopping the vegetables and shredding zucchini with the cheese grater. - Chef Elaina

Ellis and Allie FINAL (1)

I was a little upset, well ok really really upset when I opened my bag and I saw there was zucchini and a red pepper in there because I really hate eating those two things. But I started writing ideas down I thought of something really yummy to make and it was fun to make and when it was done it tasted SOOO delicious! Best thing I’ve ever made. I might like adding zucchini and peppers to my food now. - Chef Ellis


Allie enjoyed creating a dish with the ingredients provided and getting outside of her comfort zone. She doesn't love zucchini, but loves Mexican. Combining the two created a delicious dish that got her to eat zucchini!! She was very proud of her creation and served the whole family with a smile! - Allie DeGier

Fifth Grade Masters and Mr. Pierre's class FINAL

This group had so much fun! They used ipads to research and worked together with assigned jobs to chop the veggies and take turns cooking. - Mr. Pierr's 5th Grade Class


So fun to experiment and take turns chopping veggies! - 5th Grade Cooking Masters

Kiralynn and Mariel-FINAL

We had a great time! We like to involve our hen's eggs in the foods we cook, so this was a unique opportunity to do that! Thank you! - Kiralynn


We spent a lot of time learning the correct knife skills chopping the carrots, peppers, garlic and zucchini in bite-sized pieces. They are getting better and better each time we cook. Mariel really enjoys putting it all together on the nachos and tasting each part separately and together as a meal. - Mariel's Morsels

Kiras Kitchen and Ella's Deli FINAL (1)

It’s the best!! My top 3 favorite parts this year were all the chopping, and the peeling, but most of, EATING IT! The hardest part was not eating all the carrots when I was supposed to be cutting them. My family all agrees it tasted really really really good and that I should make more of our meals. And my mom said I can be in charge of all the peeling of everything from now on! I can’t wait to cook more! - Kira's Kitchen


I really love cooking and these challenges. We even make up our own now sometimes. My body got sick of so much chopping so I made a jack o lantern out of the bell pepper! That was probably my favorite part, he was so cute, but it was all fun. The hardest part for me was dicing up the tomatoes from my garden. I don’t like that much squishiness on my fingers. I think I’m good at most things in the kitchen and my meal definitely turned out delicious. I’m already planning out my next new recipes! - Ella's Deli

Lucy Lu and Nolan FINAL

Nolan worked on his knife skills. He had more patience this year with preparing and chopping. He was surprised how fast the steak cooked since he chopped it so small to work in a fajita. - Nolan's Nosh


 Lucy did a great job brainstorming the ingredients and what type of recipe would work with all of them. - Chef Lucy Lu

Tierney and Everrett FINAL

Everett and his sister both enjoyed this challenged! They used a carrot peeler for the first time. Everett really enjoyed seeing the inside of a pepper and all of the seeds. Although he didn't love all of the vegetables, he did try each one! Everett recommends Football Nachos to anyone who likes to eat.- Everett's Kitchen

It was fun and I would gladly do it again. - Chef Tierny

Wiedemann's fourth graders FINAL

So fun! They looked up stuffed pepper recipe to come up with their own.-Mrs. Wiedemann's 4th Grade Chefs

They had a great time writing their recipe and learning to cook with veggies! - Mrs. Wiedemann's 4 Grade Cooking Masters

Gus Martin and Charlie Martin

Gus Loves to be creative in the kitchen.  His favorite part of this challenge was chopping and peeling all of the veggies.  Have the chance to be the family chef for the night using his own ideas for the meal was very exciting for him. - Chef Gus

This was Charlie's first time cooking with wild rice, zucchini and goat cheese.  He wasn't thrilled when he first saw the ingredients, but once he started to form an idea of how they could all be used together was excited to prepare a meal that came together quickly and was the perfect way to feed his family on a cool fall weekend. - Charlie Cooks


Everyone wins when young chefs explore fresh, healthy ingredients.
Thank you to all of our participants for sharing your smiles and talents!



Special Thanks to the Viterbo University Dietetic students for sharing their expertise and time as the judges for this event.


Thank You to our Event Sponsors:

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