Newsletter 2.5.2020

Connecting children to healthy food and nature
Merger Updates
We are excited to be working in the final stages of the GROW, Hillview Merger.

Board members continue to meet with key players to complete the merger. As we move forward, we will continue as GROW in name and through all of our established programs. This merger will provide more resources to be utilized to improve on the great programs you have come to expect. 

GROW is also currently planning new programming for spring and summer lessons and farm camps!Whether you are itching to start planting or you want to see the greenhouse space, we’d love to see you during these volunteer hours.  All are welcome!
Intern Training
For the upcoming weeks our new interns will be participating in a six part training series led by our preceptee, Haley. This training course enhances past training programs in an effort to ensure GROW interns are best prepared to carry our our mission.  

The second session focused on the uniqueness of teaching in an outdoor space.  Interns learned tips for grabbing and keeping student attention.

Some tips included:1-2-3 ‘eyes on me’ attention getterhands-on activitiesphysical & behavioral boundariesIntern Spotlight

Meet our new preceptee for GROW, Haley!
Haley is finishing her last semester at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse by doing her Public Health – Community Health Education Preceptorship with GROW. Each week Haley will be working 40 hours. Her tasks will include: planning fundraisers, developing rain gardens throughout the city of La Crosse, and working with four after school programs focusing on composting, sustainability, mentorship, and environmental health. 

Hometown: Wauwatosa, WI
Major: Public Health – Community Health Education
Year in School: Senior
What are you excited about GROW?

“I am excited to be apart of the GROW team and seeing my passion about health, sustainability, and environmental issues in action!”

We are thrilled to have Haley with GROW this semester!Donate to GROW