Newsletter 3.11.2020

Connecting children to healthy food and nature
Landscape Arboretum at the University of Minnesota 
We have many Two of our Garden Program Directors, Susan and Linda, attend the Schoolyard Gardens Conference last week at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

This attendance by GROW Garden Program Directors was made possible thanks to a grant written by University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Public Health students last semester. We want to give a huge shoutout to these awesome students for their great work on the grant:
Kate Kensmoe
Colette Stich
Haylee Hawke
Susan and Linda working to continue learning the best education practices for our upcoming garden lessons at the Schoolyard Gardens Conference. 
Spring Expos
We have many upcoming events! Look for GROW at:

Trempealeau Elementary Environmental Day
Trempealeau Elementary – April 24th 

Northwoods Event
Northwoods Elementary – April 24th 

Hintgen Family Fun Fest
Hintgen Elementary – April 25th 

Earth Fair
Mryick Park Center – April 26th 
On March 7th, GROW preceptee, Haley, and Garden Educator Intern, Sarah, held a booth at the Washburn Garden Expo at Lincoln Middle School to give insight of our upcoming garden lessons and two fundraisers!
Intern Spotlight

Meet our new Garden Intern, Danielle!
Julia is a barista at The Root Note in Downtown La Crosse. She is ready to work with the gardens and provide community outreach during her internship this spring. Julia is especially excited for the opportunity to interact with the students at our gardens. She believes the people in this community need to be reconnected with their food, in which truly does start at a young age. 

Hometown: Sun Prairie, WI
Major: Biology
Year in School: Sophomore
What are you excited about GROW?

“Super excited to teach kids about nature and working in the gardens!”

We are delighted to have Danielle joining our organization this semester!Donate to GROW