One Day Left

Look at the school standing for the Sponsor A School Garden Campaign.  We’re getting close, but still need your help.   All donations over $50 that are in by tonight will be on the school garden sign.  Make a difference and add your name.

Goal: $10,000 per school.  

Garden Education:

  • Grow La Crosse provides quality garden programming and maintain the garden. This allows teachers and school staff to focus on the students and ensures the gardens sustainability.
  • Children taste fresh produce nearly every time they come out for a garden education session.
  • Produce from the garden is used in GROW recipe demonstrations, in the cafeteria, taken home with family volunteers, used in summer school and given to area shelters.
  • Research has shown programs that engage children in seed-to-table experiences are more successful at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption than any other methods.

Thank you

Fall Fest attenders

We appreciate everyone who attended the fall festival on the farm.

  • Sponsors
  • Volunteers
  • Booth leaders
  • Cooking demonstrators 
  • Supporters

We couldn’t have done it without you!