Online Silent Auction

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Online Silent Auction Kick-off is Today!

We are doing something new this year.

We are putting many of our favorite on an online silent auction.  flowers


BIDS end Friday, September 23rd at 7:00PM. These items will only be available online.  If you win these items, you or a friend can pick them up at the Fall Festival this Saturday.

This year, the Franke Foundation is doubling proceeds for the silent auction up to $4,000!

Join us for an evening featuring live music, a silent auction, activities, food trucks, cooking demos and more.

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Lessons Have Started

 img_4523Creatures in the Garden
Our theme for our education sessions is this school year is Creatures in the Garden.  We will be exploring insects, food webs, bees and more.  The more we learn about these creatures, the more we know on how to properly manage them.
The topic of our first education session is INSECTS.  This past Friday we started learning the characteristics of insects and then tried to find some in the garden.  Children used magnifying glasses to see if they could count 6 legs on creatures they found.  Some favorite finds included crickets, grubs, millipedes, and cabbage worms. Do you know which of those are insects?

What are the 5 characteristics of an insect?

  1. 6 legs
  2. Antennas
  3. 3 body parts-Head
  4. Thorax
  5. Abdomen

Start taking a closer look next time you see a creature in your yard.