Plant Sale Week

Our annual plant sale is officially underway! We’ll be at various locations all week with a myriad of seeds and plants to choose from. Details of times, dates and locations are below. Stop by and support Grow La Crosse and local businesses. Give back to our community in the best way, and take home a new friend in the process.

We’re selling vegetables, herbs, flowers, pollinator plants and perennial starts for your garden, flower beds or to give as gifts. This year we have an extended list of pollinator plants added to our lineup to keep with our pollinator theme. For more information on the pollinator plants available, check out the list on our website here.

Need help selecting plants? Our event will be equipped with detailed signs that has information about the plants. These signs will include a plants hearty-ness, flavor, recommended uses, and if the plants are bee and butterfly friendly.

We hope to see you this week.

State Road Garden Party

Last Saturday was the Garden and School Forest party at State Road Elementary. Students got a chance to help out in the gardens and see the progress that their seeds were making as the weather continues to get warmer. Students were even surprised by little furry creatures! The event was a joy to host, and watching the children’s excitement over the garden and the nature surrounding them is a constant reminder of why the work Grow does is so important. Special thanks to everyone who helped out at the event!

This Thursday, May 4th will be the Harry Spence Garden Party from 4-7pm! Stop by for more food, fun, games, and garden planting! You’ll also have a chance to grab a Grow Spence t-shirt.


Earth Fair Booth

The activity and events continue! Last Sunday was the annual Earth Fair at Myrick Park. Grow had our booth right outside the WisCorps building. Participants had the opportunity to pot small plants while learning about pollinators and the importance of native plants for kickstarting diversity. Thanks to everyone who attended the fair, volunteered at our booth, and helped put together this amazing day in celebration of our Earth and community!