The Role of Empathy in Strengthening Children's Connection with Nature

Lexi Bird and Liza Ware conducted  research on "The Role of Empathy in Strengthening Children's Connection with Nature." Children who attended GROW's farm camp experiences were asked to journal their experiences following camp. The control group were asked to simply reflect on what they did, while the empathy group was asked to reflect on how the camp made them feel and their feelings towards animals. The participants who empathetically reflected on their experience reported an increased level on their Connection to Nature Index assessment. This higher level of connectedness promotes pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors. Here at GROW we strive to connect children to nature and live healthy lives. This research provides GROW staff with a new teaching strategy moving forward in order to create a lasting impact on the children's lives. Thank you to Lexi and Liza for conducting this research that will help better the community.