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The Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy teamed up with us, GROW, to help build and facilitate a new school garden. Students are helping design and pick the location of the garden.  GROW will help plan the installation and lead hands-on lessons to provide environmental science and health education.  GROW will provide staff support and stability for the garden programming.

We are planning to install this garden May 19th and May 20th.  Volunteer times on May 19th are available from 1-3 and 3-5.

-Building raised beds and filling beds with soil
-laying weed barriers and covering with mulch
-installing fence - the fence will consist of 4X4 posts, 2 x 4 boards and fencing wire like the one in the photo attached.
-Potentially constructing benches seating area (depending on supplies available)
Students will help finish any of the above jobs and have a ribbon cutting.
Please remember to bring:
-Layers of clothes for warm, cold, and wet and ones you don't mind getting dirty!
-Sturdy shoes, closed toe if you have them
If you have, these are also helpful:
-Gardening gloves
-Hand drill
-Any work tools
-Construction Stapler
Also, if you have any of the following materials to donate, please contact Jamie at
-Organic soil
-Untreated lumber - 4"X4", 2"x4", 2"x10" or 12"
-2" screws
-untreated wood clippings
-perennial native fruiting plants (raspberries, gooseberries, etc)
- organic seeds or transplants - (peas, beans, greens-lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale- carrots.   We don't need squashes, eggplants or pumpkins)
-Supplies to make benches or seating area

Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy is a charter school located in Maple Grove, MN.  This school serves 220 students, 95% of which receive free and reduced lunch.  98% of students are of color.  We envision giving these children an outdoor learning space that will connect them to healthy food and nature.

Let's make this project a reality for children at the Minnesota Excellence in Learning Academy

Thank you donors:

Grove Health Dental

Carrie O'Neill

Emma Hanlin
Renee Hanlin
Sharon Hanlin

Cynthia Kuenzel- Thrivent Action Teams


We are currently seeking donors and sponsors!

All donations get us closer to the goal...even $5 helps.

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