La Crescent-Hokah School Garden

Welcome to the La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School Garden!

The La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School Garden had it’s first growing season in 2013 in a collaborative effort by one dedicated volunteer, Farm to School and Community Education.  In 2017, the La Crescent-Hokah Elementary School teamed up with GROW to help facilitate their school garden.  This partnership will expand the current programming and add stability and staff support.  GROW develops and maintains the garden while also providing quality programming for 350 students at the school.  The garden is a hands-on, outdoor education and growing space which is utilized for taste test and curriculum-connected lessons at least 60 times in the spring and another 60 in the fall. Also, the garden is accessible to students during after-school programs where students can investigate, taste, help with maintenance, build community and just breathe.

The garden, with both raised beds and vertical garden arches, features a wide range of organic gardening techniques and provides experiential learning opportunities for children.  “Vegetables and fruits are planted in the school garden by students and are harvested and utilized in the cafeteria or in garden taste test lessons and snacks. ” says Kari Bersagel Braley, Program Director for GROW La Crosse. “We provide students with authentic learning experiences as they are involved with every step from seed to table: examining, touching, smelling, tasting and growing. Not only do these experiences connect them to healthy food and nature, but also helps improve their attitudes towards trying new foods.”

Garden Stats

  • Established in 2013
  • Students served: ~ 350
  • Program Director: Susan Oddsen
  • Area: 132 sq. ft.
  • Raised Beds: 4
  • Includes 2 vertical growing arches