The Importance of Outside

“Keep your face always to the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you” – Walt Whitman

As February begins and we trudge slowly through the last couple months of cold, cabin fever runs rampant. But what exactly causes this pressing desire to be outside? And what are the benefits that the planet’s environment naturally brings us?

For starters, the physical benefits of sunlight are unparalleled. Our bodies contain cholesterol that we uptake through our food. Some of this cholesterol sits on our skin to react with the UV rays from the sun. Through several chemical processes, that cholesterol is eventually changed into Vitamin D which is then turned into usable Calcium that makes our bones grow. Without the suns help, we’d have no bones!

Countless studies like this one show the psychological effects of being in nature. What this one found was that being outside activated certain areas in our brains. These areas control our feelings of stability, empathy, and love. So our brain activity physically changes when we’re in nature. It’s no wonder we feel such a connection to it!

Don’t worry, spring will come along soon enough. In the meantime, make sure you are still getting outside.

Classes and Events

Seed Planting Class – Grow La Crosse will be doing a seed starting class at the Coop this March or April.  Details will be posted soon.

Community Events-We’ll be at the following community events.  Stop by our booth and sign up for our Plant Sale drawing.  We’ll be drawing names to get free seedlings.

March 11th – Washburn Garden Expo. For more information go here.

March 25th – Mayors Conference. For more information go here.

April 30th – Earth Fair – Grow La Crosse will have a booth again at Earth Fair.  Join us.

May 2nd-4th – Grow La Crosse Plant Sales. Times and locations will be posted soon!


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