12.26.23 Generosity at work

Generosity at Work

As we celebrate GROW’s 11th year of taking action to promote healthy living through hands-on garden based learning, we want to thank you for supporting this mission. Community support and the investment of time and resources from people like you have made it possible for our programs to have such a positive impact on the health of so many youth. The numbers from 2023 are an impressive testament to the impact our programs are making:

9 School garden partner schools
88 Farm camp participants
262 Kids Cooking Challenge participants
120 Open Garden visits
603 Greenhouse or farm field trip attendants
600+ Pounds of produce harvested
672 Garden lessons were taught
3248 Students experienced healthy food and nature!

Many students come to school hungry or fueled by foods that do not support their nutritional needs. The best way to encourage a child to make a healthy food choice is to involve them in the process from seed to table. 

Did you know that for $24 you can give the gift of garden lessons to one child for a whole school year? For $80 you can gift a whole class a garden lesson! If you have extra to give $480 covers the cost of a whole year’s worth of garden lessons for one class.

We are over half-way to our year-end fundraising goal. It will take a community of supporters to help us reach the $15,000 goal needed to keep up the hands-on, garden-based, life-changing work we do.

Can we count on you to help us continue the life changing work of connecting youth to nature and healthy food?
The Positive Impact of Community Partnerships 

GROW’s hands-on learning experiences have made a positive impact on students at the Boys and Girls Club. 

“The Boys & Girls Club of Greater La Crosse has had the privilege of working with GROW many times throughout this year. They never fail to bring fun and hands-on activities and allow our members to try new foods. Our members got to participate in the Kids Cooking Challenge and loved the opportunity to try and make a meal out of all the mystery ingredients. One member stated that they had no idea carrots came in different colors!”   – Autumn Boik, Northside Area Director

Ms. Clements, 3rd grade teacher at State Road Elementary shares some of the positive ways school garden lessons affect her students.

“Our school garden provides hands-on learning experiences that encourages healthy eating habits, connects students to nature, and also teaches responsibility, teamwork, and patience.“  – Ms. Clements, State Road 3rd Grade teacher
Make a positive impact this year support garden-based learning.