We are glad you are here!  This page serves to help foster interest in growing, sustainability and nature.  If your child's interest was sparked by a garden lesson or farm experience we hope these resources will allow you to make more connections to healthy food and nature.


Composting is a sustainability practice that not only keeps waste out of landfills it can also create nutrient rich soil for your own growing.  Students learn about the many benefits of composting during garden lessons.  If you are interested in learning more follow this link to a website with many tips about composting benefits and different ways, both big and small, that you can compost in your home.

How to Make Compost at Home.

A Comprehensive Composting Guide.

Community Crops: Growing Tips

Activity Worksheets

These activity worksheets can be used anytime.  The compost sheet will help practice and learn which items can be composted.  The GROW scavenger hunt is a great way to spend time outside while looking for different elements.  Make this a fun family walk.  See if you can find all of the items on the list!




GROW interns and garden educators have created videos to help encourage trying new healthy foods and nature activities.  Enjoy!