3.26.2021 Kids Cooking Challenge Results and “Becoming a Plant Scientist”

Kids Cooking Challenge Winners 

Congratulations to all of the Kids Cooking Challenge participants!  We had fifty individual and teams of young chefs complete the challenge.  Each of these entries used their mystery ingredients to create unique and creative healthy foods.  

Many thanks to the Culinary Pathways class at Western Technical College who stepped in to judge the entries.  This was not an easy task!  They stated, they wished there could have been some honorable mentions due to the many impressive recipes.  In the end the following individuals take the honor of winning this Spring Kids Cooking Challenge:

Advanced Winner: Emma Turley with her ‘Carrot and Coconut Curry’
Beginner Winner: Lynley Dunn with her ‘Loaded Sweet Taco Bowl’

Congratulations to our winners!  Your recipes showed a high level of difficulty, creativity and they were both beautifully presented as meals we would want to eat. 

Follow this link to see all of the entries.  The joy, pride of independence and hands-on learning that this event offers is evident in the photos of these youth.  
Spring Lessons  
“Becoming a Plant Scientist”

Spring lessons are rolling out at all of our schools.  The curriculum for lessons will center around the theme, “Becoming a Plant Scientist.”  Student will use the scientific method to explore and learn about the anatomy of a seed.  They will also chart the growth of seeds they plant after watching the first lesson video.  

Our goal is to have the last two of our three spring garden lesson series in the gardens.  It will be a wonderful day when we are back in the gardens with our students!
Our intern team has been busy assembling lesson kits.  Students will have all the items they need for a hands-on learning activity to go along with the first lesson.

Looking for Change Makers – Potential Board Members 

Are you interested in becoming a member of the GROW team?  We are looking for individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the health of youth in our region to become a part of the GROW Board of Directors.Please follow this link to the interest survey to help both you and the current board determine how your time and talents might best fit into our organization.

Pictured below, are the current executive board directors. Top left: Jennifer Klein, President,  top right: Sarah Pember, Secretary, bottom left: Katie Wagoner, Vice President, bottom right: Annie Berendes, treasurer. 

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