Sit Spots and Lettuce Wraps

Fall 1 Lesson:

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the warm weather that the start of school has brought; our school gardens definitely have been! Ripe, sun-kissed tomatoes and fallen ground cherries have been a favorite treat for the kids during recess lessons. Getting back in the swing of school can be tough, but the kids at Spence, Hamilton/SOTA, and State Road Elementary have been great helpers and respectful participants in the garden as we started to kick-off class lessons.

In our first lessons, kids found a “sit spot,” or personal areas in the garden where they are free to be curious about the natural world around them. These students also have the chance to share their noticings and knowledge with classmates. One student in the Hamilton school garden reminded her classmates:

“Bumblebees won’t hurt you and we can’t hurt them because they make this garden what it is.”

What a great noticing!

Fall 2 lessons & Taste test: Lettuce Wraps

Kids cut up veggies using kid-safe knives to prepare for their taste test in lesson two. Not only did they LOVE the salads and lettuce wraps they made, they also turned their food into art! There have been studies that show taking time to prepare your food in creative, aesthetic ways, makes you appreciate your food more and even makes it taste better to you. The kids raved about the taste of their creations, even with just a little salt, pepper, and a splash of lemon juice! We are excited to see what skills will be learned in the lessons to come.

Wisconsin School Garden Network

The Wisconsin School Garden Network connects all regions in Wisconsin to each other through idea sharing and collaboration.  Their September newsletter shares fun, easy recipes!  If you’re looking for a family activity this fall, check out this simple Apple Coleslaw recipe submitted by Grow La Crosse:  and

Jamie O’Neill, Grow’s Executive Director, is the Southwest Regional Coordinator for WSGN and connects GROW La Crosse to an even bigger network.  If you’re interested in staying connected with school gardens in the southwest Wisconsin region, contact