1.19.2023 Goals Met • Field Trip Registration • Intern Spotlight

Year End Goal Met!

Thanks to the support of the community our year-end-fundraising goals were met.  The generous $5,000 matching fund created by a team of past and present GROW board and founding members was fully matched by individual donations for a total amount raised of $10,410!  These funds will launch us into 2023 as we work to meet the needs of the youth we serve.
Greenhouse Field Trip Registration is Open

We are excited to be offering field trips to our state-of-the-art greenhouse again this winter featuring: 
Greenhouse Operations • Urban Food Production • Hydroponics • Microgreens • Vermiculture •  Plant Propagation & Transplanting • Taste Testing & Food Preparation • Hands-on learning

Go to our website for all of the details.
Intern Spotlight

Our robust internship program provides resources we could not offer to the schools and students we work with on our own.  In 2022 our interns volunteered a total of 1,777 hours to help carry out the work of garden maintenance, program planning, teaching, event planning and so much more.  These future community leaders are already making such a positive impact through their dedicated work.

We are excited to start off the spring semester by welcoming back Kiara.  Kiara was a nutrition and sustainability education intern with us during the fall semester. She is currently working on completing her Public Health and Community Health Education degree from UW-La Crosse.  As part of her program she will be working with us as a full time preceptee for the entire spring semester.

Kiara has a gift for connecting with students, a drive to learn more about all aspects of how a non-profit works and an eagerness to make a positive impact on the health and nutrition of children.  
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