12.10.2021 Kids Cooking Challenge Results

Kids Cooking Challenge Results
Wow – so much creativity!  Thank you to all of our young chefs and the grown-ups who helped them explore cooking with fresh ingredients. There were so many amazing and delicious looking recipes submitted.

It was not easy choosing just four contestants to win the
3rd GROW Kids Cooking Challenge. 

The four prize winners are:
A note from the judges:

Let me start off with a WOW!

Our students love looking at what awesome ideas your students come up with! It was a difficult decision in many of the categories because there was some REALLY cool stuff! This decision is always difficult for us. There are so many really cool things we see that it is sometimes hard to decide. Honestly, sometimes it comes down to plating and the description of the dish. There are several of these that the students want to try to make! So for those who didn’t come out on top this time, let me point out some of the amazing highlights:
Someone made crepes! Someone else made a pizza! The pineapple as a serving dish…the zucchini fries…food plated with smiley faces. Siblings working together! Global ingredients and flavors! The little guy intently mincing his shallots with serious skill…knives bigger than the hands holding them…and lots and lots of genuine smiles!

We are honored every time we are asked to do this. Thank you for this opportunity to see what this next generation can do when they play with their food!

Margaret Ninneman and Western’s Food Production Specialist Students
Follow the link below to see all of the results.  We are sure you will enjoy the smiles and recipes as much as we have!
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