School Garden Updates

Hoop House Fundraiser

We still need more supplies to rebuild our hoop house at State Road Elementary School, so we are grateful to the La Crosse Distilling Co. for hosting a fundraiser.

Stopping in for food and beverages on Monday, April 29th from 11am-11pm and 10% of all sales will go to the hoop house supplies we need.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to rebuild our hoop house! We had a great volunteer day this weekend. Poles were bent and hoops were made.

Volunteers at State Road Elementary School. They helped bend poles and create hoops for the hoop house.

Update on the Spence Garden

We are proud of the GROW Spence Elementary School garden.  Three years ago, planning started.  Two years ago, the garden was built.  Since then, the garden has allowed  for garden education programming, summer school classes, produce going into the cafeteria, recess lessons and more.  A dedicated garden committee, teachers and the principal at the school have helped enhance this garden. 

Due to the highly dedicated group of individuals at this school, we are excited to announce that this school ready to move onto the next phase of school gardening.  This upcoming year, the garden committee will lead and oversee fundraising efforts, programming and maintenance.  We hope that with the systems put in place over the past year, that they will be able to strengthen a school-led effort and be a model for other schools who are ready to lead their own school gardens. 

GROW will continue to offer training and consulting as needed.  We are excited to allocate more time to projects that are in greater need of time and funding.

BIG NEWS! School Garden Day

We are thrilled to announce that the Governor of Wisconsin will proclaim Thursday, May 23, 2019 to be the very first Wisconsin School Garden Day! 

To get involved in school garden activities this May, check out our volunteer page.