Newsletter 4.9.2020

Connecting children to healthy food and nature
Embrace the Season
Spring is a great time to get into nature and enjoy all of the new growth! 
 We have some ideas for you to try with your family:
Take a Walk
Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt
Plan a Summer Garden 
Bird Watch
Plant Flowers
Make a Bird Feeder
Make Bubbles With Kitchen Utensil Wands

What are you doing to embrace the season?
Yummy Peanut Butter Protein Balls!
Try this quick and easy recipe by following our intern, Danielle! She leads you step-by-step to create this healthy snack. These peanut butter balls can be chilled in the fridge to eat or stored in the freezer for when you need them.  Please follow GROW on Facebook for more activities to keep kids engaged.
Farm Camp Registration
Farm camp registration is still open!  It is our goal to make farm camp accessible to all children. Farm camp is 8 weeks long and is available at no cost to its participants. 

By donating just $23, you can send a child to camp for one week. Farm camp offers invaluable opportunities for children to connect with healthy food and nature. 
 I can help send a child to camp!Donate