Learning Parts of Plants

Despite the cold and rain we have been experiencing the past couple of weeks, students still enjoyed their second garden lesson of the school year. The second garden lesson is all about the different parts of plants, specifically roots. Students at Hamilton Elementary identified the fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, roots, and seeds on various garden vegetables. They discussed what the functions of different plant parts and what parts you can eat. Students at Spence Elementary focused on what roots do for plants and played a fun game determining what fruits and vegetables grow above ground and what grow below ground. The students at Spence Elementary were also able to help harvest some garden vegetables to prevent them from freezing as the weather continues to get colder. Teachers were given some of those vegetables for classroom snacks for students to enjoy. In addition, students were allowed to take some home to their families to encourage healthy eating habits beyond the classroom.

Ms. Kristy teaching students at Spence about roots

Ms. Kari identifying the parts of a radish plant for students at Hamilton

Volunteer Days

Thank you to all who volunteered to help clean up and winter proof our community gardens!

This past Saturday we were fortunate enough to have some volunteers from TRANE come and help weed, trim, and clean up our gardens at State Road Elementary and Spence Elementary. We also had some volunteers from SAP help on Tuesday at the Gundersen Childcare Center, State Road Elementary, and Spence Elementary gardens.

If you are interested in volunteering, this Saturday the 13th is Make A Difference Day in La Crosse and we would love some more help preparing our gardens for the winter! Interested? Contact for more information.

Volunteers at Gundersen Childcare Center

John Sustar from TRANE and his son Henry helping mulch

Gift a Child a Garden Lesson!

GROW recently launched a new fundraiser that helps connect children with healthy food through hands-on garden lessons! Provide garden lessons for children in the La Crosse or La Crescent community by clicking the button below.