Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul. – Terri Guillemets 

Sometimes in the winter, it’s hard to get our plant fix.  Here are some fun ways to green up your life.

  • Start planning your garden for next year.  We’re currently starting to plan our plant sale.
  • Attend classes or conferences.  Mark your calendar for some upcoming People’s Food Coop food-related classes or attend the Washburn Garden Expo in March.
  • Learn more about your favorite garden topics.  Some of our favorites include:
  • Grow Sprouts.  Sprouts are the start of plants and can provide nutrition during the winter months.  If you have never grown sprouts before, The Complete Guide to Growing and Using Sprouts  by Richard Helweg is a good place to start or blogs such as Eat Within Your Means.

Farm Camp Spotlight: Summer Inspired on the Farm

Join us for these three day farm adventures!  We will plant, tend and eat fresh fruits and vegetables from the gardens, build with natural materials, and explore the farm’s streams, forests, and native prairie.  We will tend to the farm animals and learn about respectful methods of animal care.  And of course, we’ll make some awesome upcycled nature based art projects together. During this session our biology lessons will explore pollinators like bees and butterflies, and we will engage in projects to help conserve their habitats.

Farm Camp Registration is open.  Check out our 2017 summer offerings today.

This Upcoming Weekend

Grow + Eat = Fun. Join Jamie O’Neill, mother of two and program director for Grow La Crosse to turn a plastic carton into a growing space from sprouts that your children will enjoy. We’ll learn how to safety grow sprouts and see how children love to plant, harvest, and eat them. Jamie was turned on to growing sprouts when her son showed very little interest in fresh vegetables. By growing sprouts, they found a green that he really enjoyed.

Each child will get to take home their own set of growing materials.

Registration required. Call 608.784.5798 or stop by the store customer service desk at the People’s Food Coop.

Cost: $10 member family; $15 nonmember family.

See other classes here: