Get Involved, Become a Sponsor!

Sponsor a Garden

We are introducing a new way to support garden education in our schools! It is only with the help of our sponsors that we are able to keep our school gardens up and running, and now there is an easy, fun way to help. There are four different levels of donation, each one offering unique benefits to you, your family, or your business. The levels range from Harvester – $2,500 Cultivator – $1,000 Pollinator – $250 Sprout – $50

To check out the perks of sponsoring a garden and to donate online, check it out here


Inspired Little Hands on the Farm

Looking for a way to engage your little ones in the outdoors this summer? Here it is! Inspired Little Hands on the Farm allows both parents and  kids ages 3-5 to spend a few mornings at Deep Roots Community Farm interacting with farm animals, exploring the woods, creating art projects, and much more. Jamie O’Neill and Jeni Blake, the owner of Inspired, will lead all programming throughout the camp. To learn more and to register, click the button below!

Tomatoes and Tessellations

This past week, summer school at State Road Elementary zeroed in on the subject of geometry. Josh Wolcott’s lesson, ‘Geometry In The Garden, Proportions In The Kitchen’  taught students from 3rd grade through 7th grade the importance of math in everyday life. On Wednesday, the students designed their own tessellations and hunted for plants that had their own, natural tessellations in the hoop house. They even had time to bake a batch of apple honey cookies, utilizing their knowledge of fractions and proportions! Summer classes like these allow kids to grasp a broad concept from all different levels of knowledge and experience.