5.23.24 Garden Champions Wanted • Diversity in Foods Lessons • Plant Sale • Open Garden Kickoff Event

Garden Champions Wanted
We are looking for summer garden volunteers.  With the goal of having someone in each of the school gardens at least every other day this summer, we need many helpers to get the job done!  Volunteering in the garden can be done on your schedule, with little or no experience.  Volunteers receive weekly garden updates and an orientation before their first time in the garden to ensure the task is easy and well guided.  

Many families share that volunteering in the school garden is a great way to teach responsibility, give back to the community and spend unplugged time in nature as a family.  

Find the sign up links for all of the school gardens on our website.  There is also a Pollinator Workshop / Workday at Hamilton / SOTA I School Garden on June 15th that is open to all.  Follow the link to sign up today.

Diversity in Our Foods

Lesson 3 of the spring garden season is about diversity in our foods. In this lesson, students learn how the foods we eat come from many places and some are carried down through generations by families. We will are also planting our school garden.

Thursday, May 16th was Wisconsin School Garden Day.  We had a few special guests join a group of 3rd grade students at Summit Environmental School for their garden lesson.  While sharing stories about family food traditions one students said her family makes a vegetable stir fry that she was NOT excited about when she saw all of those veggies. Once she had the family stir fry recipe she realized she LOVED vegetables!  

Students were able to taste test jicama, a root vegetable native to Mexico, during these lessons.  Many students found this was a new produce they loved after tasting it for the first time.  

Make a positive impact – support garden-based learning!