Plant Off

Edible Schoolyard Pollinator Patch Plant Off

Thursday, May 9, 2019
2:30-3:15 PM
Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary
1111 7th Street, La Crosse

A few students from the 5th grade class prepping the site for the pollinator patch.

Anyone with a approved background check with the La Crosse School District can join us for this event. Check in at the school office.


2:30 – Welcome, 5th grade presentation and ribbon cutting
2:50 – Planting with School of Technology and Arts  (SOTA) 5th graders

5th grade students at the School of Technology and Arts 1 (SOTA I) helped design the pollinator patch for the Edible Schoolyard Project and will be installing it.  GROW contracted Coulee Region Ecoscapes to lead lessons on landscape design and the importance of pollinator plants. 

“It has been so cool to see the students get so interested in this project.  After Judson’s presentation, they were researching all aspects of native pollinator plants like height, color, what they attract. They were doing this all on their own.  It’s great when students get to be so involved in their learning and surroundings.”

Mike Lawrence, 5th grade teacher

It’s happening!

GROWing Healthy Minds

A Healthy Mind – Students are learning about “caring work,” which includes empathy, responsibility, and concern of garden spaces, through lessons about plant growth and ecosystems.

Students partaking in caring work during a garden lesson with GROW Program Director Kari

Students are working together on tasks involving inspections, organization, and are prepping beds for planting. The pre-k and kindergarteners are even helping. At Coon Valley Elementary, we had four pre-k’s students volunteering to haul a hay bale! Talk about teamwork!

Summer Internships

Anyone interested in interning for GROW, over Summer 2019, please contact Linda at

Positions Available –

Summer Urban Gardner Internship

Come join a growing local non-profit in establishing and maintaining school and community gardens in the La Crosse area!  GROW provides a dynamic, fun, and educational summer intern experience where participants can learn more about how to install and maintain urban gardens, work with summer school students in the gardens, as well as coordinate volunteer efforts throughout the summer.  Come join the outdoor fun!

We are looking for someone who can work independently and as part of a team, is comfortable working with children, has experience coordinating volunteers, and the ability to get from their house to each school – the furthest one is 3.5 miles from the UWL campus.   A biology/horticulture/ecology and education background is preferred. 

If you are interested and have the time and positive energy to put towards this internship, please send in your resume (or a list of experiences you’ve had that relate to this experience), a short paragraph about why this is a good fit for you and times throughout the week that you have available.

Feel free to ask any questions. This is an unpaid position, but a lot of experiences are gained.  Also, you may want to check with your university for credit and grant funding opportunities for the internship.

Volunteer with GROW

GROW is in need of volunteers in order to grow and maintain the school gardens!

Sign ups:
Garden Maintenance Volunteer – no background check needed
Garden Education Volunteer – sign up and background check links are available under each school