Garden Volunteer Process

Gardens are essential to providing healthy locally grown food.  Now more than ever we need to ensure our school gardens are a source of fresh produce for our community.

To ensure we are using the highest standards of health and safety all volunteers must follow new guidelines when entering our garden spaces.  Please follow this link to read complete guidelines.  Use the image below for basic guidance for safety.

All garden volunteers are asked to contact before doing any garden work.  After work in the garden please, fill out our Garden Volunteer Report to help us track the work being done in the gardens and who has been volunteering.


                                        Garden Volunteer Report Link

Greenhouse Opportunities

Due to closures the greenhouse is currently unavailable.  Please, subscribe to our newsletter to be updated when we are able to start greenhouse programs again.  



Volunteer Opportunities

Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for current volunteer opportunities.  You will find volunteer sign ups on this page when available.

*You do need a cleared background check to volunteer during garden lessons.  To ensure you are cleared to volunteer at a school garden you must have a complete background check through the school district.  Each district has it's own process of doing a background check.  Please follow the link below for the school you wish to volunteer for.

La Crescent-Hokah School District 

La Crosse Area Schools


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