Come socialize with us!

Ales and Ornaments

Join us for a GROW social.  This is open to all.

Saturday, December 15th from 6-9PM
at Turtle Stack Brewery (125 2nd St S, La Crosse)

$1 per beer sold during the event will be donated to GROW.

Donors to GROW (all 2018 donors or donations at the event), will receive an ornament to add to the Turtle Stack’s christmas tree recognizing your contributions this year. It’s an easy way for our GROW family to come, give and celebrate together and we’d just love to see you both there so we can thank you in person!  Children are welcome.

New Research on Children’s Connection with Nature

Lexi Bird and Liza Ware, of Viterbo University, conducted their research this past summer with children who attended GROW farm camp events. They recently presented their research and found that children that used empathy to reflect on their farm camp experiences showed increased levels of connectedness to nature. These increased levels also encourage pro-environment attitudes and behaviors in children. This research is helpful moving forward with future garden lessons in order to make lessons more impactful. Thank you Lexi and Liza for your hard work and for helping GROW continue to improve and spread our impact on children in the community!

Intern Spotlight

Meet our intern of the week, Alyssa! She works with students over at our La Crescent garden!

“I’m a Biology major with an Environmental Studies minor and I am a senior in school this year. I will be applying to PA school in the spring semester, so hopefully, I will be moving on the PA school after I graduate! Although my knowledge of gardening is quite extensive, I’ve only done a little bit here and there in my mom and grandma’s garden as a kid. As an intern, I help teach our garden lesson and do a lot of prep work with Susan at La Crescent. We try to get the kids out to the garden as much as possible. We have brought kids out to the garden to explore things like roots and the different types of veggies we grew! When it was warm out, we would have kids pick beans for our pickling recipe. I’ve learned that the kids are way better at trying the new veggies than I had thought. We pretty much get everyone to try something new every time! “