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Intern Spotlight

Intern Holly

We would like to thank our hardworking interns for all they have done thus far this school year! Meet Holly, our intern at Spence Elementary:

“Hello, my name is Holly Kritter! I am from New Berlin, Wisconsin and I moved to La Crosse to further my education at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I am studying Community and Public Health and I will be graduating this coming spring! I have worked at a Garden Center in Milwaukee for about 6 years now and have always had a love for gardening and eating healthy food. I actively volunteer for the Kane Street Garden because I absolutely love their mission of distributing healthy produce to those who are in need. That is how I found my way to GROW! I look forward to up keeping the garden outside and sharing my knowledge on nutrition to the children here at Spence!”

Collecting Seeds for Next Spring!

Learning about milkweed

Kindergarten students at Spence Elementary were able to collect seeds from plants in the garden to store for the spring. For their third garden lesson of the year, students learned about parts of plants, this time focusing on the seeds. Students ran around the garden collecting flower seeds and were able to almost fill an entire bucket! Next, Ms. Kristy taught the children about milkweed and why it is an important plant in our garden and for monarch butterflies. To help grow more milkweed for next year, students were each given a handful of milkweed seeds to blow around the garden. The final topic covered was food preservation, which they had been learning about all year. Students learned about why people dehydrate food and even got to taste test dehydrated apples and raisins.

Students filling up a bucket of seeds