Planning Your Garden

It’s almost spring.  It’s time to start planning your garden.  If you do not have a lot of space, you still have options.

Sometimes the hardest part about gardening is figuring out where to start. Here is a step-by-step guide to help direct you on how to start your own garden.

Step 1: How much spaceGarden 1

One of the first things to consider is how much space you have available for planting. Sunlight is important! Remember, there are unique ways to plant when you have a limited amount of space including vertical planting, container planting, and window boxes. It is also important to look at the soil and compost you have available and see what plants grow well there. Fences and cages can be a great addition to help support plants and keep unwanted critters out. Make sure you have all the equipment you need for a garden before you begin!

Step 2: Types of plants based on space

Once you have determined how much space you have for your garden, it is important to decide what types of vegetables and fruits you would like to grow and harvest for the space you have available. Some plants, such as melons, cabbage, and pumpkins, take up more space to grow, while others, such as basil, onions, kale, and potatoes, do not need as much space to grow.

Step 3: Companion Plants

When choosing your plants, it is important to select plants that grow well next to each other. Certain plants can help other plants get the proper sunlight or shade they need along with helping to protect them from harmful insects. A few examples of companion plants include tomatoes and basil, cucumbers and kale, peas and carrots, and oregano and cabbage.

Step 4: Grow what you like to eat

In order to fully enjoy your garden, make sure to grow the fruits and vegetables you enjoy eating! Once you decide what your favorite plants are, figure out if they will properly fit into your garden based on the previous steps. Your next step will be to decide if you want to plant the seeds yourself or buy plants that are already started. Each plant has a certain date when it is best to plant it in the ground.

Step 5: Time

Before starting your garden, make sure you realize just how much time it can take to produce a successful garden. After planting it is key to continue to water, weed, and harvest the fruits and vegetables as they grow. Some plants produce throughout the whole summer, while others are a one and done deal. Gardening can be a time consuming task, but it can also give families a chance to bond, be a stress reliever, get you moving outside, and teach both children and parents about a healthy and fun way to get involved with the foods you eat. Plus, planting your own garden will give you fresh and healthy foods all summer long at an inexpensive cost! In the end it will be totally worth the hard work and time!garden 3

Thank you Savory Creations and Cafe D’Vine

Savory Creations and Cafe D’Vine hosted a Seven Course Gourmet Valentine’s Wine Dinner and it was a huge success!savoryCafe DeVineThese two amazing businesses donated the proceeds from the dinner to Grow La Crosse.  We are incredibly grateful for their generosity and support in ensuring we are able to continue connecting children to healthy food and nature.

Be sure to check out all they have to offer at:  Savory Creations and Café D’Vine  


Grow Board Members receiving check from Chef Shawn of Savory Creations


Spring Inspired on the Farm


Ahhh, Spring! It will be here before we know it, and Deep Roots Community Farm and Inspired are excited to offer another great Grow La Crosse Farm/Art Camp!

Join us for an afternoon of fun and education on the farm! We will care for the farm animals, learn about the biology of the natural world on a farm, make art projects, and enjoy free time in our beautiful rural setting. In this session, additional focus will be given to planting seeds in the garden and in take home pots, as well as horse care (grooming and feeding) and ART!

All programming is led by Ana Skemp, M.S. Ecology, owner of Deep Roots Community Farm and Jeni Blake, artist and owner of Inspired.

9:1 staff to child ratio.   Children will be asked to bring their own healthy snack.

Register here.

This camp is in collaboration with Inspired. Check out Inspired’s website at

Thank You

Thank you Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare for your corporate sponsorship which allows us to connect more children to healthy food and nature.