Special Announcement: Grow It Forward

Until the end of this month, you can gift a donation to Grow La Crosse in someone’s name and you and them will be invited to our Donor Party on Friday, March 2nd.  We want you to join us for this appreciation event.  We’ll show highlights from 2017 and reveal our new plans and programs for 2018.  Join in the celebration by donating any amount by January 1st.

Thank you staff and board members:

A special shout out to staff and board members who worked to make our programs happen.

2107 Program Directors:

Ana Skemp – Kari Bersagel Braley – Kristy DuChateau

Farm Camp and Support Staff:

Josh Wolcott, Kristin Miller, Laura Berry, Christy Lowell, Rachel Hanson-Myers

Thank you to our incredible Board of Directors who served in 2017. You make healthy eating fun for children.

Thippi Luangpraseuth
Katie Berkedal
Jenny Klein
Judson Steinback
Heidi Worminghaus
Heather Young
Abigail Stockham

We welcome Annie Berendes to the board.

Katie, Thippi and Abigail are terming off the board.
We appreciate all the time they spent helping connect children to healthy food and nature.

New Project:

Intern Linda Vale is keeping gardens fresh in the minds of students over the winter.  Linda is creating pop-up stations at State Road and Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary school libraries.   We’re hoping to get one at Hintgen soon.  Topics include creatures in the gardens, vegetables, life cycles and more.

Check them out and take them home over the break.

Thank you Linda.