Edible Schoolyard Celebration

Edible School Yard Celebration
 On Thursday, November 7th students, teachers, volunteers and neighbors at Hamilton/SOTA Early Learning Center came together to celebrate the completion of the Edible Schoolyard!

To signify the completion everyone in attendance was given an apple, donated by Van Lin Orchards, to take a bite in unison.

Students lead tours around the garden after the celebration. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors who made this event possible. 
Click to see News8000 coverage of the Edible School Yard Celebration.Click to see the WXOW coverage of the Edible Schoolyard Celebration.Fall Lessons As the fall lessons are coming to an end, so far we have had a total of 1,943 students participating in 2019!

We can not wait to start our next lesson at Hintgen Elementary, Cultural Connection. This lesson will involve a cultural presentation of native plants and language. And, students have the opportunity to have special guest Tracy E., a local artist, to create multi-lingual garden signage and rock painting with the students.

This is made possible by the La Crosse Community Foundation.  Lessons will connect culture, conversation, and student voice.  This is one of the signage posts that will be decorated by the students and then placed into the garden. 
Intern Spotlight 
Meet one of the five amazing interns this fall semester, Madeline!

Madeline is the Garden Coordinator Intern. She is in charge of taking care of each of our gardens, and as well as helping facilitate garden lessons. Recently, Madeline has designed the new signage project that will be occurring in our next lessons. 

Hometown: Middleton, WI
Major: Public Health
Year in School: Junior
What do you love about GROW?

“I love GROW because it allows me to share my passion for the garden and the outdoors with the La Crosse community.”

Thank you for all of your great work so far!