Garden Lessons (even with the snow)


Thank you Mayo Clinic Health System

Mayo Clinic Health System has renewed their corporate sponsorship with Grow La Crosse.  Their support helps us provide more hands-on garden lessons,  fresh taste tests and farm experiences.

Garden lessons are still possible even with the snow. Kristy is showing students the different stages of a seed. These students loved dissecting lima beans and planting seeds. The seedlings will grow on the seed cart until they are ready to go in the garden.

Upcoming Events and Intern Spotlight

Tamara teaching at Hintgen, 2018

“Hi! My name is Tamara Anderson and I am a junior nutrition and dietetics student at Viterbo University. I am from the La Crosse area but now live in the Bangor area. I have experience gardening with the FSPA (Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration) in their organic garden and enjoy doing my own gardening at home. I applied for this internship because I love being so close to nature. Not only that, but I also wanted more experience working with children. This school year, I have been volunteering as a Read For Success tutor at Hintgen Elementary, so I am familiar with this location and some of the students and staff. Although I have familiarized myself with this school, I’m also hoping to form relationships with more of the students and teachers through this program. I am excited and looking forward to working with you and your students this spring!”

Resilience Think Tank

Join us this Thursday, April 19 from 6-7:15 at the La Crosse Public Library.  You can help develop community projects that can focus in on community resilience here in La Crosse.