Getting Inspired on the Farm

Meet Liza, our Cognitive Psychologist!

Liza Ware is a professor of cognitive psychology at Viterbo University and we are lucky enough to spend the summer with her. She studied in Portland, OR for her undergraduate degree and went on to receive her PhD in cognitive psychology at Northwestern University. This summer, she is studying how children make sense of the world around them, specifically how they make sense of the nature that surrounds them. Through her research, she hopes to observe a difference in learning between kids who experience the outdoors first-hand and those who learn about nature in a classroom. Her study involves a pre-test, post-test and a parent survey as her data. We look forward to seeing what you find, Liza!

Girl Power

This week, Inspired and Grow La Crosse hosted ‘Inspired Girls on the Farm’ camp. Girls grades 5-8 had the chance to come together and get creative at Deep Roots Community Farm. Taught by Ana Skemp and Jeni Blake, these girls spent their week harvesting rhubarb and garlic from the garden, hiking, playing in the creek, creating vision boards, and making their own candles from scratch. The purpose of this camp is to provoke thought, foster kindness and compassion, and to build confidence and sisterhood. Throughout this week the girls made lasting friendships and increased their knowledge about the natural world around them.

We still have openings in next week’s camp.

July 31-August 3rd  


Deep Roots Community Farm

5-13 year olds


Thank you Driftless Skincare

This past Friday, Grow La Crosse and Driftless Skincare teamed up to create a fundraiser for a new water source in our Hamilton garden. Sara Kujak sold all-natural soaps, lotions, and other skincare products, where Grow La Crosse received 20% of soap sales and 25% of all other sales. Through this event, we were able to raise 220.72 dollars! Also, Sara and her family donated enough to further the project. Thank you Sara, we greatly appreciate your help and your donation!