2.1.2023 Annual Report 2022 • First Field Trip • Intern Spotlight

2022 Annual Report
Our tenth year GROWing was full of great programming and so many opportunities for our community to support and participate in garden-based learning.  Take some time to read through our 2022 annual report to see all of the great work being done to connect youth to healthy food and nature.
Greenhouse Field Trips

We welcomed a group of 7th grade science students from Lincoln Middle School to the greenhouse for our first field trip of the year.  Students investigated our vermicomposting worms, the PH level of our hydroponic systems, and different ways to propagate plants.  They also learned about the operating systems that keep our plants growing in the greenhouse and the differences and similarities between growing indoors and outdoors. Of course they also got to sample some of the delicious microgreens, tomatoes and lettuce we are growing when they made their own rainbow lettuce wraps.   

We are excited to be offering field trips to our state-of-the-art greenhouse again this winter featuring: Greenhouse Operations • Urban Food Production • Hydroponics • Microgreens • Vermiculture •  Plant Propagation & Transplanting • Taste Testing & Food Preparation • Hands-on learning

Go to our website for all of the details.
Intern Spotlight

We couldn’t do what we do without our interns! This spring semester we are welcoming Olivia to the GROW team. Learn more about her below.

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
School: University of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Major: Public Health and Community Health Education
Why GROW: Gardening was such a big part of my childhood that taught me so much about nutrition. I have a love for being outdoors, gardening, and nutrition. I chose to work with GROW because it encompasses all of those things and allows me to share them with others. I am excited to have the opportunity to assist with garden classes and help kids learn more about gardening and the importance it has, especially surrounding nutrition.
One goal: Grow my knowledge of gardening and its relation to nutrition so that I can be a good teacher to others.
Favorite fruit: Strawberries.
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