4.28.2021 Lessons 2 & 3, Plant Sale & Art in the Garden

Plant Scientists Lessons 2 & 3
It has been wonderful to see the sparkle and smiling eyes on the student’s masked faces in the gardens.  The excitement and wonder created during hands-on garden lessons is irreplaceable.  Students are “Being Plant Scientists.” We have moved into lesson two and before the end of May will explore lesson three as well.In lesson two students will participate in caring work in the gardens.  They will help prepare the gardens for planting and learn about how plants get their food and energy to grow.

Our young scientists will make observations as they watch the stages of plant growth.  The seeds planted in lesson one are growing and getting ready to be planted during lesson three.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about the early stages of plant growth throughout this time.
Do You Need A Mother’s Day Gift Idea?

We have the perfect solution!  Make a stepping stone for one of the school gardens together.  You can get your family name or Mom’s name added to the design.  These beautiful mosaic stones will then be placed in the garden of your choice.  All proceeds go directly to GROW programming.
Faces Behind the Lessons 

Have you ever wondered who delivers the garden lessons?  Currently, the GROW team is made up of four part-time employees, six volunteer board members, one full-time spring semester Public Health Preceptee and three interns from UWL.The spring lessons at State Road, Hamilton/SOTA 1, Hintgen and Northwoods International Elementary Schools are being taught by Ms. Linda.  Linda Vale has been with GROW for over three years.  Linda started as an intern, then was hired as the Operations Director and now also serves as a Garden Educator.  Her energy and background as an educator with a love of project-based learning makes her a perfect fit for GROW.

Ms. Amy Sherrill joined the GROW team this spring to teach lessons at La Crescent-Hokah elementary school. Amy has a background in science, years of experience as a substitute teacher and is an avid gardener.  Welcome to the team, Amy.

Each semester our interns play a critical role in helping to prepare and deliver lessons. We could not reach all of the youth we connect to gardens and nature without our amazing interns.