Companion Planting

Everything grows better with the help of a friend!

If you’ve been in either or our gardens at Hamilton-SOTA I or State Road Elementary, you may have noticed that the gardens have more than just produce. Among the winding cucumber vines and lush lettuce beds are bright nasturtiums and marigolds. These flowers add a nice splash of color to the garden, but that’s not their only purpose. Both of these flowers are companion plants which benefit the other plants around them by improving growing conditions, attracting pollinators, or repelling pests.



Marigolds act as a natural pesticide by releasing a chemical into the soil that repels nematodes from destroying the roots of nearby plants such as tomatoes and potatoes. It is also thought that the strong odor released by marigolds masks the smell of other plants, therefore deterring pests.


Nasturtiums are the ultimate companion plant when it comes to pests control. They are said to repel white cabbage butterfly caterpillars, cucumber beetle, Colorado potato beetle, and more. As an added bonus, nasturtiums are edible and have a fresh peppery taste.

Sometimes the use of pesticides and herbicides are unavoidable. However, by using companion plants, you can reduce the use of chemicals and add a little color to your garden at the same time!

Summer Farm Camp at Deep Roots Community Farm

At Grow La Crosse, our goal is to give kids the opportunities to learn and explore where their food comes from while enjoying a beautiful outdoor setting. Our Farm Camp series does just that! We offer many different types of Farm Camps to best fit the age group and interests of every child. After spending a few days at Farm Camp, we hope to inspire children to eat healthy and take interest in nature.


Farm Camp sessions are filling fast, but we still have openings in the following camps…

Inspired Little Hands on the Farm  ∙  July 26- 28  ∙  9:00am-12:00pm
Ages 3 – 5 years olds  ∙  $110

Summer Inspired Girls on the Farm  ∙  August 1-3  ∙  11:30am-4:30pm
Girls Grades 5-8 (Grade in Spring 2016)  ∙  $140

Summer on the Farm  ∙  August 3-5  ∙  9:00am-2:00pm
Ages 5-13  ∙  $110

Register and reserve a spot today!

Farm Camps

Thank You

Thank you Mayo Clinic Health System for your corporate sponsorship which allows us to connect more children to healthy food and nature.