New Garden Programming: Hintgen

Exciting News!  Grow La Crosse is excited to announce that we are partnering with Hintgen Elementary School to create the Hintgen Urban Garden (H.U.G.). This garden will be designed over the winter months with input from the staff and the Hintgen Garden Committee. We plan to begin some installation this fall and the rest in early spring. Grow La Crosse will be offering a Taste Test lesson for grades K-5. In this Taste Test, students will be preparing and tasting lettuce wraps

Children at Spence Elementary making lettuce wraps.  Soon, Hintgen students will try these too.

Garden Education:

Thank you to everyone who chipped in to the Sponsor A School Garden Campaign. This week we are highlighting people who donated to H.U.G (Hintgen Urban Garden).  We thank these people and businesses as they have provided $8000 towards garden education classes for the 2017-2018 school year.  This allows Grow La Crosse to provide hands-on garden education and taste tests at the school.

A special thank you goes to our Corporate Sponsor, Mayo Clinic Health System.

Meet the Hintgen Program Director

Kristy DuChateau will be our Program Director at Hintgen Urban Garden (H.U.G.). Kristy comes with a strong passion to connect children to healthy foods and to nature. In her previous role as a Farm to School educator, she recognized the big disconnect for people with their food source and how it gets onto our plates. Her mission in life is to bridge that gap, especially for the youth, so they understand the process of growing food. Kristy’s past year was spent working to help design and establish the Spence Elementary School’s garden where she has taught over 90 garden lessons for grades K-5. She brings many creative lesson ideas and fresh garden design expertise to this space.