Newsletter 3.20.2020

Connecting children to healthy food and natureSend a Child to Farm Camp
In an effort to make farm camp accessible to all children we offer 8 weeks of camp at no charge to participants.  We are still looking for support to make this possible.  You can help us make this happen by donating just $23 to send a child to camp for one week. 
 I can help send a child to camp!
Postponed Yet Still GROWing
Grow has postponed People, Produce & Proceeds.  The event was previously scheduled for March 28th at Pearl Street Brewery.  To ensure we play our part in keeping our community healthy we will follow the direction of the local and national health officials and reschedule the event when it is again appropriate.

We are fortunate to be entering a season of lovely weather and new growth in an area with incredible outdoor opportunities.  GROW would like to remind everyone a healthy diet and physical activity can boost the immune system.  Time outdoors, in a garden or just enjoying nature can also help reduce stress in both children and adults.

We plan to reschedule People, Produce & Proceeds later this year when health officials approve such events.  At this time we plan to watch current events before rescheduling GROWing Generosity, currently scheduled for May 14th.

These fundraising events are important financial pieces of our ability to provide school garden lessons and farm camps.  We will continue to explore other opportunities to support our mission of connecting children to healthy food and nature.  You may contribute to this effort on our website by clicking the button below. Donate to GROW

Today’s activity:
Take time outside.  Breath deep and look for the first sprouts of spring.